Piscataquis ARC Meeting Minutes Library Page

From 2018-May to present in reverse chronological order (so latest is on top)

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MonthMeeting Datenote(s)Download link
AprilMonthly Meeting on Apr-28 pdf icon
MarchMonthly Meeting on Mar-24 pdf icon
FebruaryMonthly Meeting on Feb-24 pdf icon
JanuaryMonthly Meeting on Jan-27 pdf icon
MonthMeeting Datenote(s)Download link
DecemberMonthly meeting on Dec-23 pdf icon
NovemberMonthly meeting on Nov-24 pdf icon
OctoberMonthly Meeting on Oct-27 pdf icon
SeptemberMonthly Meeting on Sep-22 pdf icon
AugustMonthly Meeting on Aug-25 pdf icon
JulyMonthly Meeting on July-28 pdf icon
JuneMonthly Meeting on June-23 pdf icon
MayMonthly Meeting on May-30 pdf icon
AprilMonthly Meeting on Apr-28Due to COVID-19 Milo Town Hall Closed, so no In-Person meeting this month.No_Meeting icon
MarchMonthly Meeting on Mar-24Due to COVID-19 Milo Town Hall Closed, so no In-Person meeting this month.No_Meeting icon
FebruaryMonthly Meeting on Feb-25 

Letter from the Maine Highlands Sled Dog Club
pdf icon
pdf icon
JanuaryMonthly Meeting on Jan-28 pdf icon
MonthMeeting DateNote(s)Download link
DecemberMonthly Meeting on Dec-09Christmas Partypdf icon
NovemberMonthly meeting on Nov-26 pdf icon
OctoberMonthly Meeting on Oct-22 pdf icon
SeptemberMonthly Meeting on Sep-24

Special Meeting on Sep-5
 pdf icon
pdf icon
AugustMonthly Meeting on Aug-27 pdf icon
JulyMonthly Meeting on July-23 pdf icon
JuneMonthly Meeting on June-25 pdf icon
MayMonthly Meeting on May-28

Audio of KB1WRZ's presentation on Sebec River Race.
pdf icon
mp3 icon
AprilMonthly Meeting on Apr-23 pdf icon
MarchMonthly Meeting on Mar-26 pdf icon
FebruaryMonthly Meeting on Feb-26 pdf icon
JanuaryMonthly Meeting on Jan-22

Breakfast Meeting on Jan-05
 pdf icon
pdf icon
MonthMeeting DateNote(s)Download link
DecemberMonthly Meeting on Dec-04Christmas Partypdf icon
NovemberMonthly Meeting on Nov-26No meeting due to weatherNo_Meeting icon
OctoberMonthly Meeting on Oct-23 pdf icon
SeptemberMonthly Meeting on Sept-25 pdf icon
AugustMonthly Meeting on Aug-28 pdf icon
JulyMonthly Meeting on July-24 pdf icon
JuneMonthly Meeting on June-26 pdf icon
MayMonthly Meeting on May-22 pdf icon

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